Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Table Toppers: Green Acres and Prairie Girl

TableToppers and PillowCover: Green Acres and Prairie Girl

TableToppers: Approximate size: 35" long x 11" wide
$13.00 plus $3.31 postage
Side One: Green Acres is a duck fabric printed with many farmhouse soft black prints and also gray prints. 
Side Two: Prairie Girl fabric is a very soft look-alike to ticking fabric. It looks similar but it is a soft cotton fabric instead. It has a very country/primitive/rustic look to it.

PillowCovers are sized by 12" ($12), 14" ($14) and 16" ($16) according to sizes of store sold pillow forms and are accessorized with wood slice buttons plus 3 more color-coordinated buttons that are used as decoration only. If you prefer other decoration instead of buttons, let's chat. If you are looking for different fabrics, let's talk about that.

PlaceMats:  I also make placemats from the same two fabrics as well as other fabrics). Approximately size is 13" wide x 18" long for $9 each plus postage.

Paypal and money orders accepted.
Green Acres

Prairie Girl

Various fabrics I have used

Samples of Pillows
Gray and white striped
Top button closures

Gray and white stripes
Envelope closure

Modern Farmhouse Floral
Envelope closure

Quilt Top - School 
I have 3 different colors of Quilt Top Panels
These are NOT quilted. They are prints of a group of people displaying a quilt they made
or a print where people are quilting.
I have red quilt prints, green quilt prints and navy blue quilt prints
The pillows will be Enclosure style and will require a pillow form, either one that
you already have or you will need to buy one. Walmart for upwards of $5. Or buy one of the $5 
Walmart Pillows that they sell for seasons. I can make your PillowCover to match the size of the pillow you buy, I know, some will say, "then why not just be satisfied with a Walmart $5 pillow???"
Well, you could do that, but then you won't have a pretty original PillowCover from
The Rosey Posey!!

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