Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Table Topper: The Apple Farmer

Table Topper: The Apple Farmer

The topper is made from two farming themed fabrics showing the tools that farmers of long-ago (and perhaps even the Amish of today) might have used to till their land to grow crops that feed all of us.
One side of the topper features delicious apples made of shades of red & white gingham with green leaves and brown stems. And how could we see a farm scene without roosters! These are shouting cock-a-doodle-doo at the crack of dawn to make the farmer aware that it's time to get up and to get to work. There are antique tools such as a wooden-handled tiller, work gloves, rakes, picks and a wheelbarrow. The background of the topper consists of various colors of burnt orange reminding me of the Autumn season of the year.
The background of the 2nd side of the topper is tan with smudges of brown and shows you so many farm scenes: Men toiling in the field, windmills, barns, silos, scarecrows, covered bridges, fencing, lots of trees, cornstalks, rain barrels and sunflowers (all in various shades of brown). My favorite part is all the small poems plastered throughout the topper such as:
*Oh, shine on, shine on harvest moon up in the sky.
*Plowing and harrowing planting seed praying rain for daily need.
*Brown grows the weeds on the cold clear river. Dry in wind the grasses shiver.
*Far from the south wild geese go crying; through fallen leaves the winds walk sighing.
*Out in the field in the scorching sun Straining his back till the day is done.
$15.00 plus $4.00 postage
Size: approximately 35" long x 11" wide
Paypal available and money orders accepted also.
Two-sided displays of years gone by. Imagine all the table conversation that will take place as you feed your guests and they see the pretty red apples, representing local farmers AND all those sweet poems that will remind your guests of the old days.
I've added some embellishments of centerpieces and napkins with holders that you could copy to make your table even more inviting. Those guests of yours might just show up unexpectedly for dinner at times when they haven't actually been invited!!

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