Saturday, August 31, 2013

Monkey Hats

What kind of monkey is Curious George?

Can you find the error I made when I crocheted this
Monkey Hat???

The first person to tell me the error gets free shipping for a Monkey Hat or any other hat.
Your hat WILL NOT have an error!!

George is wearing a 6 month size hat
that covers his ears with earflaps.
Available in all children's sizes.
Also available in dark brown with light brown accents.

Cats are curious like George so he must be a C.A.T.

Available in child thru adult sizes

Shipping and taxes will be added
All hats are machine washable and dryable

(Marvin the Monkey pattern written and purchased from

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Autumn Colors

$10.00 hats for girls/ladies
$9.00 hats for boys/men
taxes and shipping will be added

Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby hats - Baby hats - Baby hats

As my grandson says, "Oh yeah, BABY"

Where can you find a handmade crocheted hat
with a handmade crocheted flower 
and a vintage button
for only $10.00 ??

These beauties are made of
100% grown in the U.S.A. cotton.
Fully machine washable and dryable.
Can also be made of acrylic yarn.

You choose the color combination!

Tax and shipping will be added

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am a frequent PINNER at

When I retired from my full time job at a local hospital, I knew I wanted to start a craft business of some type. 
The Rosey Posey was born out of that desire. 

I remember sitting at my desk at the hospital for nine years, meeting the needs of my boss and her nursing managers. I loved my job. Then I set out on a new adventure as the Volunteer Coordinator which was also a great job. I had the opportunity to work with many wonderful, dedicated volunteers, most of whom were retired and were looking for a way to fill their spare time as well as their desire to serve others. When that position became a "volunteer" one, I choose to work as a Human Resources Assistant. As much as I loved the volunteer coordinator position, I was at a point in my life where I was unable to volunteer for that particular position. Although, I do spend lots of time volunteering for my church. I was privileged to work for two ladies whose strong work principles challenged me to continue that same kind of work ethic inspired in me by my parents and to do my best. I want to continue that that pattern and to provide you with good products.

Now that I am officially retired (after 18 years of working at the hospital), I chose to share my love of crafting with those of you who have purchased my "hats and more". Hundreds of my hats have been worn by babies, toddlers, young girls and boys, teens and adults (ladies & men). I hope you have enjoyed wearing your hats as much as I do making them.

My most unusual sale of a hat was purchased by a gentleman who is an accomplished musician, song writer, who sings "songs with a heart and soul". He bought a ladies hat (crocheted in brown tones) with a huge crocheted flower attached. I asked him if he would like me to take off the flower, but he refused my offer and wore the hat with the flower in the back. His website contains a video of him singing and playing one of the seven instruments he mastered, wearing his The Rosey Posey hat!!!

Please feel free to check out my account to see all the items that I have pinned. I might not live long enough to make everything that I have pinned to my boards, but it's been fun thinking that I can.

My account is Arlene Focht.
Have fun!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bows on Hats

You name the colors
$10.00 plus postage and tax
includes hat and bow

Bow pattern was purchased from Sol Maldonado Soles (fabric flower tutorials)
bySol (yarn patterns)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hats With School Colors


These two Bears fans
were sad last year, but 
this is a new season with a new coach!!

It gets cold watching a football game

Penn State

Headband. in. Your. School. Colors.

tax and shipping will be added