Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kitchen Tools with a Primitive Look

 All the Kitchen Tools have been painted
so they are for decoration ONLY.
They are approximtely 12"-14" inches long
and each tool is $4.00 plus postage

 This set of 3 tools has been painted with a country creme colored paint.
Each tool has tiny plastic clothespin attached plus it is accented
with burgundy checked homespun fabric. The jar and glass apple
are not included. Each tool is $4 plus postage.

 This set of 3 tools has been painted black and then a forest green paint has been placed on top.
All tools ae given a primitive look. These two have stained stars attached and
are accented with a burgundy/green/creme colored fabric.

This set of black tools is accented with dark red buttons
and red/white homespun fabric. Jar and glass apple not included.

This set of 3 tools has been painted black and finished to look primitive.
Stained wooden stars and light green/creme colored fabric ribbons have been added.

These tools have been painted creme colors
A brown flannel fabric has been added
plus stained wooden stars.

This set of 4 tools has been stained, accented with stained wooden stars
and green plaid fabric ribbons.

 These country yellow tools have been accented with
faux wooden buttons and jute hangers. They can be
hung up on displayed in a container.

This set of 5 tools has been painted with a country blue
and accened with stained wooden stars
and blue/white plaid r

Friday, March 31, 2017

Bee Happy Bumble Bee Crocheted Wreath

Wow, this took hours to make!!
But now that it's finished, 
it makes me know that SPRING 
is sure to get here soon.

$50.00 plus postage

The pattern for the Bee Happy Wreath
was purchased from
Lisa Kingsley Designs
February 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hand-Carved Wooden Bird


This Baltimore Oriole is one of many uniquely made wooden birds
by Grandad Focht 
All of his other hand-carved birds have been sold

To swing: move or cause to move back and forth or from side to side while suspended

Notice the rubber tire swing,
just in case the bird decides to move back and forth!!!


One of the most brilliantly colored songbirds in the east, flaming orange and black, sharing the heraldic colors of the coat of arms of 17th-century Lord Baltimore. Widespread east of the Great Plains, Baltimore Orioles are often very common in open woods and groves in summer. Their bag-shaped hanging nests, artfully woven of plant fibers, are familiar sights in the shade trees in towns. This bird was formerly considered to belong to the same species as the western Bullock's Oriole, under the combined name of Northern Oriole.

$40.00 plus postage

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Angelic Dolls


Each stands approximately 9" tall
Some have hair and some are wearing hats
Copper wire wings are attached to the back
You can choose any of the angels already made
you can ask me for a specific:
Hair color
Color of skin (White, Black, Latino/Asian)
Hat color
I'll work with you for your choices!
$12 each, plus postage

Valentine Lollipop
White Angel
Red Crocheted Hat/Flower 

Spring or Fall  Mum Flower
White Angel
Blonde Hair

Back of the Blonde Haired Angel
White Angel
Blonde Hair

Yellow Pinwheel
White Angel
Blonde Hair

Yellow Butterfly
White Angel
Blonde Hair

Chocolate Lollipop (good anytime of the year!!!!)
Latino/Asian Angel
Brown Hat

Wooden cross (hand created)
Latino/Asian Angel
Brown Hat

Adorable Teddy Bear
Latino/Asian Angel
Brown Hat

Giant Starfish
Black Angel
Black Hair

Red Pinwheel
White Angel
Red Hat

Christmas Stocking
Galvanized metal
White Angel
Red Hat

Hot Pink Pinwheel
White Angel
Pink Hat trimmed with Pink Flower

Pink Butterfly
White Angel
Pink Hat trimmed with Pink Flower

Turquoise/Blue Pinwheel
White Angel
Turquoise Hat trimmed with Pom Pom

Turquoise Butterfly
White Angel
Turquoise Hat trimmed with Pom Pom

Pink Flowers
Black Angel
Black Hair

Green Pinwheel
Black Angel
Black Hair

Pink Flowers
White Angel
Pink Hat trimmed with Pink Flower

A customer order 4 angels for Easter gifts.
She wanted all black skinned dolls
1 with the gothic cross (no longer available)
1 with our other style of cross
1 with the star fish
1 with a bouquet of pink flowers

The crochet pattern was kindly given to me by
Fern Caffrey, at Fern Caffrey's Ravelry Store. 
The pattern is listed as
Crochet Memory Angel