Sunday, September 15, 2013

Crocheted Market/Beach Bag

Crocheted Market Bag
Load the bag with produce!
You'll be surprised how much will fit 
as the bag will stretch a you fill it.

Crocheted Beach Bag
You'll have to use your imagination here, 
as I live far from the beach. You'll
have to pretend that the grass is sand!! 
If I had taken this photo at the beach,
you wouldn't see that beautiful dandelion.
Bag is made of 100% grown in the USA cotton
and measures 13" x 13" with a 10" handle (20" total length).
The bag will stretch to about 18" x 18".

Add a cute beach towel.
Pop on your sun bonnet
and take off 
"down the shore" 
as we say in Pennsylvania.

Bag will stretch to fit tons of food or beach supplies.

The color choice is yours
$13.00 plus postage