Monday, January 14, 2019

Samples of PillowWraps

Samples of PillowWraps
Some of the wraps were special orders and fabric is no longer available
If you purchased a Table Topper from me and
would like a PillowWrap made from the same fabric,
please ask me if I that fabric is still available.

are approximately 35" long and 8" wide
Some slip over your pillow, some wrap with a velcro closure
Please tell me the size the pillow you plan to use with your wrap.
Most pillows are 16", 14" or 12" across

Some pillow will be decorated with wood slice buttons or colored buttons
The buttons are decorative only, no button closures

I came across 4 quilt blocks that might have been part of an antique quilt
that was once loved by a family. I figure that parts of the quilt
wore out and these are the blocks that are left
maybe someone started a quilt with these much-loved fabrics and didn't complete it.
Whatever the case, I showed all four of the available blocks
and a customer asked for a PillowWrap made from the Bear and Turtle block.
That same customer wants to have another PillowWrap made from the Heart block.

The remaining 2 blocks: Home and Tree
are available if you would like a PillowWrap
made from one or both of them.

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