Monday, January 14, 2019

Lots of Two-For Table Toppers

Two-For Table Toppers
(small table runners)

It's like getting two table toppers for the price of $6 each.
Each topper is approximately 35" long x 10" wide.
$12.00 each plus 
$3.50 shipping in the U.S.A. for one
$3.75 for two  
$4.20 for three

Paypal available. Money orders also accepted.

Green Acres

Lots of farm country prints on an off-white background on one side of topper
and black/off-white ticking on the other side.
I love the black weathervane

with lots of red/white/blue fabric details on one side of the fabric 
and red/white checks on the other side

Bumble Bees and Black Spots

A yellow background on one side of runner
and another yellow background with black polka dots.

Brown and creme stripes and
tbrown/creme/pink paisley designs

Wild Critters
The fabric to the left is printed with lots of wild animals 
in brilliant shades of yellow/orange/green/blue
and the fabric to the right is a matching dark green with small creme colored motifs
I imagine this beautiful runner on a table in a Florida room, on top of a boy's dresser
or on any table owned by someone who loves wild animals prints.

Kitchen Tools

Very Black background with brightly colored kitchen tools on one side 
and Red & White Checks on the 2nd side. 

French Roosters

Black and Creme Colored Chickens on a stained creme and faintly black background, with feathers flying over the background and Black and Creme Checks. It's gorgeous!!!

Names of Jesus
Jesus, black/white fabric on one side and black background 
with lilac & pink colored flowers on the opposite side.
Jesus, black/white fabric on one side and black/tan geometric designs on the other side.

Soft Tones of Brown Toile
with brown and white polka dots on the opposite side

 Blue Floral and Blue/White Plaid

 Blue Hankie Fabric with Off White and Tan Ticking on the opposite side

Burst of Flowers
 with Green and White Patch on the other side

 Pink Paris

The front side of the runner is printed with lots of glittered Eiffel Towers
and the back side of the runner is a sweet pink with white polka dots.
Perfect to cover the dresser of a pretty-in-pink young lady.

 American Indian Prints
White background with stark black graphics
The back of the runner shows a grey background
with white T-pees

I have 1 of the American Indian Toppers
that is appliqued with 2 black horses
one on each end of the topper

Forest Critters

Deer, Rabbit, Racoon, & Turkey on one side 
and Tan with Brown Specks

Log Cabin and Deer on one side and Forrest Green on the other

 Travel Around the World
One side of the runner has a brown background with blue, red, orange and green polka dots
the other side is a beautiful print of reminders of travels.

Cranberry Flowers and Cranberry/Navy/Creme Plaid

Black and White Feathered Chickens/Roosters with berries
on one side of the runner and
Tan and Red ticking on the other side

Kitchen tools printed with tones of blue/aqua and browns on one side
Tan with white polka dots on the other side

Aqua background with white daisies on one side and
off white background on the second side with muted pink/aqua/gold flower

Foxes and butterflies on one side of the runner 
and shades of brown floral print on the other side

Aqua colored towels to match runner $7

Navy blue and rust and creme plaid on one side and
dark blue with white polka dots on the other side

White flowers on a white/gray background with a bright yellow bumble bee in the center
and ont he other side lots of colored triangles

Barn in the Snow
Red/White Checks on the opposite side

Black Birds and Flowers
Black background with brightly colored flowers and black/white birds on one side
and aqua background with white design

Gold medallions on top of a brown background and
the other side shows another brown background with a tiny gold design

Pink and White Birds and Flowers with Dark Brown background with white polka dots

Bright Orange Floral on one side and 
Orange with white polka dots on the other side

Pale Blue Background with Lots of Butterflies
Hot Pink Background with White Polka Dots

Covered Bridge
and Burgundy on opposite side

Farm: Tractor, Cows, Horses and Lots of Ants

Roosters & Grey with Black Dots 
(Sale is pending 1/8/19)

Sunflowers All Over 

Towels to Match $7

 Red Toile and Light Tan with Brown Flecks

Red Trucks and Red/White/Blue Prints

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