Saturday, March 24, 2018

Lots of 2 For Tablerunners

Two For Tablerunners

It's like getting two tablerunners for the price of one. 
Each runner is approximately 10" wide by 35" long.
$10.00 each plus 
$3.50 shipping in the U.S.A. = Two tablerunners for $5.00, and $7.00 for three runners. USA. 
Paypal available.

Green Acres
Lots of farm country prints on an off-white background on one side of runner
and black/white ticking on the other side.
I love the black weathervane

Bright yellow background with chickens splashed all over the place on one side
 and black/white ticking on the other side

God Bless America 
with lots of red/white/blue fabric details on one side of the fabric 
and red/white checks on the other side

Bumble Bees and Black Spots
A yellow background on one side of runner
and another yellow background with black polka dots.

This is a photo taken from the store website. 
It shows that the yellow background is
a bit brighter than my photo.

The top fabric is a Ralph Lauren quilt print is shades of blue with a red strip.
A portion of President Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address
is printed on the off white shade of fabric. 
A customer bought a tablerunner made from the Gettysburg Address print
because her family was moving overseas and she wanted her children
to be surrounded by visuals of the U.S.A.

The Lincoln Memorial is an American national monument built to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It is located on the western end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., 
across from the Washington Monument. 

The top fabric is a blue and white plaid and
the bottom fabric is a Ralph Lauren quilt print in shades of blue with a red strip. 
Notice that the R. Lauren quilt print is the opposite side of the fabric from the Abraham Lincoln tablerunner.

The top fabric is made with brown and creme stripes and
the bottom fabric looks like white lace and brown/creme/pink paisley designs

The top fabric is a periwinkle blue and
the lower half is a gorgeous floral and butterfly print,
picking up the same periwinkle blue plus shades of rose

The top fabric is cherries that look real enough to eat
and the bottom fabric is a victorian looking Valentine print.

The top fabric is a pink/green/burgundy/white stripe and
the lower half is a coordinating pink

The top fabric is a shocking pink polka dot and
the bottom fabric is a soft moss green with roses of all shades of pink.

The fabric to the left is printed with lots of wild animals 
in brilliant shades of yellow/orange/green/blue
and the fabric to the right is a matching dark green with small creme colored motifs
I imagine this beautiful runner on a table in a Florida room, on top of a boy's dresser
or on any table owned by someone who loves wild animals prints.

Very Black background with brightly colored kitchen tools on one side 
and Red & White Checks on the 2nd side. 

Black and Creme Colored Chickens on a stained creme and faintly black background, with feathers flying over the background and Black and Creme Checks. It's gorgeous!!!

And my favorite: Navy Blue Flowers and Leaves splashed all over a tea stained creme background that screams primitive/country or just "pretty" 
paired with a Navy and Creme Check.

Jesus, black/white fabric on one side and black background 
with lilac & pink colored flowers on the opposite side.

Jesus, black/white fabric on one side and black/tan geometric designs on the other side.

Vibrant colored birds and birdhouses on one side 
and on the other side a very light, pale green

Vibrant colored birds and birdhouses on one side and on the other side green/white stripes.

Blue and tan "hankie" fabric coupled with a soft brown and white ticking fabric

Footprints in the Sand on one side and on the opposite side is a Sandpaper colored fabric. The footprints reminded me of the poem, "Footprints in the Sand" that talks about our walk through life and how Jesus is always there to pick us up and carry us when we are not able to do that ourselves. Beautiful!!!

A very muted orange/red tones with a large check print on one side 
and a brown ticking fabric on the other side

A green check fabric makes up one side of the runner 
and another check of green/creme/orange tones for the back

Waverly Inspirations Screen Print with Red, dark tan, light tan, creme and brown colors on the front and an off white fabric with very tiny brown flecks for the back of the runner

Light brown toile on one side of the runner and 
a soft brown with white polka dots on the other side

American Indian Prints, one side is gray with white teepees 
and the other side is more American Indian prints.

Deer, Rabbit, Racoon, & Turkey on one side 
and Tan with Brown Specks
Land of the Free matched with American Flag print
This is a fabric that "looks" like the American Flag.
It is NOT actually a flag.

Log Cabin and Deer on one side and Forrest Green on the other

Roosters and Pumpkins on one side with Red & White Checks on the other side. I know what you are thinking - "It's too early to think about pumpkins, but fabric is sold early and may not be available in the Fall, so I buy it when I see it."

 Travel Around the World
One side of the runner has a brown background with blue, red, orange and green polka dots
the other side is a beautiful print of reminders of travels.

Vintage Kitchen
One side of the runner shows an old fashhioned (vintage) kitchen
with so many reminders of that kitchen where your gramma cooked and baked
the other side has a white background splattered with red cherries

Birds and Flowers
Both sides of the runner has a white background
One side shows sweet pink and aqua birds
and the other side shows aqua birds and flowers
Come on Spring!!!

Cranberry Flowers and Cranberry/Navy/Creme Plaid
This runner was sold out and I could not find fabric.
It has now become available

Burst of Flowers on one side
and Patch of Green on the other side.

Black and White Feathered Chickens/Roosters with berries
on one side of the runner and
Tan and Red ticking on the other side

Kitchen tools printed with tones of blue/aqua and browns on one side
Tan with white polka dots on the other side

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cotton Cloths

Crocheted Cloths

These crocheted cotton cloths are wonderful for many purposes and are available for $4.00 each. They are fantastic washcloths and great kitchen cloths.  They are sturdy yet soft, are bound on each side to prevent stretching. All cloths are machine washable; tumble dry.

Gift ideas:

Add these cloths to a basket filled with her favorite body wash and lotion to make an at-home spa package. Great for showering/bathing.

Order them in pink or blue to pair with a rubber duck and some baby shampoo for a great baby shower gift.

Add washcloths to a beach pail full of tub toys for your favorite niece or nephew. Wet a cloth and slip it into a plastic bag already for the beach.

Order them in his favorite team colors to add to a gym bag or backpack.

Tuck them into a gift box with tea towels and a wooden spoon for Grandma's birthday.

Wrap one around a bar of soap for overnight guests.

Keep some in your kitchen to wipe up "food faces" after meals.

Put one in your laundry room to clean off your washer/dryer then wash it with a load of towels.

Keep them in your bathroom for guests to use as they freshen up. They can be used wet or dry. A customer asked for 10 crocheted cloths for her guest bathroom. It became a special order as she needed them to be a specific size so they fit into a lovely tray that sets on her counter and they needed to be shades of beige. After some searching, I was able to find the right colors and I think my customer will be happy with her guest bathroom cloths. I hope her friends like beige tones!!

$4.00 each plus postage
Your choice of color

One of my long-time customers
bought my cotton cloths many years ago
and her son will use only the cotton ones 
since he has sensitive skin.