Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Table Runners, all double-sided

Shades of Lavender

Lilacs print on one side and lilac/white colored stripes on the other side,
two for the price of one.
42" long x 16" wide.
Perfect for a dresser cover,
especially for the girl whose favorite color starts with P (Purple).
Each end of the lilac side of the runner is accented with 9 yo-yo's
made of the same beautiful lilac floral print.
You ask, "What are Yo-Yo's?"
A yo-yo is a circle of fabric that has the edge turned under
and secured with a running stitch, all by hand.
They can be added to bags, quilts, wall art, and more.
$20.00 plus postage.

Snowman Fun 
One side of the runner is made of navy blue and white checks with 
a snowman head on each end.
The other side looks like a quilt that consists of 
4 shades of blue and 3 of green
64" long x 20.5" wide
Two runners for the price of one!
$20.00 plus postage

Flowers Everywhere
Side one of the runner is strewn with red, pink and yellow flowers
and side two is sprinkled with garden tools
My dahlias are not included - sorry!!
32" long and 17" wide
$10.00 plus postage 

Flowers (and a bumble bee) from my  husband's flower gardens

Autumn Leaves
Seasonal print on one side printed in all Autumn colors
and the second side in burgundy 
with 3 leaves accessorizing one end of the runner
33" long x 13.5" wide
$12.00 plus postage

One side is a blend of orange and blue shades accented with gold
with a southwest style print
The other side is soft gold (even though it looks tan in the photo)
50" long x 17" wide
$12.00 plus postage

Love Cows
Barn red/brown/off white plaid accented with cow patches
and a large  red/white striped "LOVE" sign on each end.
The second side of the runner will give you a plain barn red fabric.
Again, two runners for the price of one
$20.00 plus postage

My antique jug and milk bottles went back on the shelves!!

Roosters, Roosters, Roosters
Barn red, charcoal grey, soft grey roosters 
patterned all over the fabric on one side of the runner.
The second side is barn red accented with the same rooster print.
White lace has been added to both sides.
52" long x 13.5" wide
$25.00 plus postage

America the Beautiful
Both sides of this runner are made with patriotic colors of
Red/White/Blue accented with stars. One side is R/W/B checks
and the other side is navy/off white plaid.
The stars are sewn onto the fabric with red thread
which shows on the opposite side as an outline.
Tabs are added to the each end of the runner.  
52" long x 10" wide
$20.00 plus postage

Red/White/Blue Plaid and Stars
One side of this runner is navy blue splashed with white stars
and the other side is red/white/blue plaid.
35" long x 14.5" wide
$10.00 plus postage

Autumn Scene
This runner can be used from the time the first leaf falls off the trees
until Thanksgiving is over.
It's such bright fabric dotted with pumpkins, apples and other veggies.
The colors of the turkey and the scarecrows are very vibrant.
There's even a pie wagon filled with homemade goodies
and a sweet little country church.
The colors of the second side fabric are forest green, 
accented with creme colored medallions. 
42" long x 15" wide
$12.00 plus postage

If you are a primitive decor lover, like me, you can make
the pumpkin so easily. You'll need approximately 20
canning jar screw rings, cinnamon sticks or a small tree branch,
hemp string plus sun and rain!! You can leave the rings natural, as they come out of the box, 
you can rust them (my preference) or you can spray paint them orange.
If you want the rust look, wet the rings and place them outside til they rust a little bit.
You can also sand them a little bit before placing them in the sun. I actually
made mine during the winter. I left them outside in the snow and cold
and they rusted all by themselves.Then I had to wait til Autumn to use the pumpkin!!
Tie the rings together shaping them into a pumpkin form and knot the string. I used hemp
because I like that natural/primitive look. Place cinnamon sticks (5-10) inside the
circle of rings as the stem and you are done! OR
my husband cut off a slice of a branch, about 5-6" long
and placed that into the circle. The branch was slightly smaller than needed
so we wound hemp around it for a snug fit.
Enjoy your Fall

 Happy Autumn
40.5" long x 15" wide
Side 1 fabric colors are 2 shades of green and tan checks 
and side 2 is forest green and tan colored medallions.
$12.00 plus postage

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
One side is printed with red background and white hearts 
plus the outline of the hearts from the second side
The other side is a red-only fabric accented with white lace hearts.
Perfect for Valentine's Day or any other day when you feel loving.
28" long x 15" wide
$15.00 plus postage

Plaid on Plaid
Green and Creme Plaid blended with Cranberry and Green Plaid.
Both colors are sewn on both sides.
31" long x 14" wide
$18.00 plus postage
(Side note: The vintage plate belonged to my mother 
and was manufactured by Johnson Brothers, 
"Harvest Time, Apple Grape Leaf", made in England in 1967) 

Gold & Burgundy Plaid
One side is totally a burgundy fabric 
and the other side is a burgundy and gold plaid
32" long x 9.5" wide
$10.00 plus postage

For the People
that government of the people, by the people, for the people, 
shall not perish from the earth
The Gettysburg Address
President Abraham Lincoln
This fabric shows portions of the Gettysburg Address 
given by President Abraham Lincoln 
on November 19, 1863
at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
51" long x 10" wide
$12.00 plus postage

- SOLD -